Long-Term Rental Property Management

Experience a steady stream of income from your long-term rental property at Park Place, courtesy of our highly-rated property management services. We expertly handle every aspect from beginning to end, meticulously selecting tenants who meet our stringent criteria, all while acting on your behalf.

  • 12 month minimum contract
  • 24/7 tenant & client communications
  • Emergency maintenance teams
  • $100/yr group insurance
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What's Included

Dedicated Account Manager

Get 24-7 virtual and in-person access to your Account Manager for all property inquiries.

Tenant Onboarding

Your Dedicated Account Manager will oversee tenant onboarding, including in-depth screening, facilitation of lease agreement signing, outlining policies and delivering check-in instructions.

Move-In Support

We will facilitate move-in day, hand over the keys to your new tenant(s) and create a checklist of any damage or issue that exists at the time of occupancy.

Deposit & Rent Collection

We collect all deposits and rent cheques on your behalf, saving you the time of having to physically visit your property or track down tenants who are late on payments.

In-House Cleaning & Maintenance

Our in-house maintenance and cleaning teams ensure your property is well-kept and maintained after every lease. Between tenants, your Account Manager will schedule cleaning and repairs as needed.

Listing Management

Your property will be listed on over 30 platforms, including, Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji,, Padmapper, Housesigma, and more.

Owner’s Portal

Easily view your booking calendar, monthly reports and your occupancy rate and earnings.

Term Commitment

For every long-term rental, a 12-month minimum exclusivity agreement must be signed from the tenant’s move-in date.

Landlord Insurance

We offer a group insurance policy for under $100 per year, for each property.

Long Term Rentals

Park Place Properties' long term property management services provide you with:

  • Excellent opportunity to maximize rent collection.
  • Nurture your investment as a property owner
  • Avoid the hassle of being a property manager.
  • Focus on the things that matter most to you.
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