Airbnb Management & Vacation Rental Management

Park Place Properties is an experienced Airbnb property management company serving investors and property owners across 10+ online booking platforms. Our short-term rental services, both virtual and full-service, require no term commitments, give you the flexibility to use your property when you want, and maximize your monthly income.

As professional vacation rental property managers, we recognize that your vacation or short-term rental property may represent your most significant investment. Our dedicated team prioritizes maximizing your rental income while safeguarding your valuable asset, all with complete transparency through a user-friendly owner portal.

We Maximize Your Revenue


Dynamic Pricing

Our pricing team uses proprietary algorithms and tracks major events in the area to create a targeted pricing strategy that maximizes your revenue. We continually monitor price comparisons for your property across 10+ booking platforms, adjusting for seasonality to ensure optimal occupancy rates and the highest average daily rates. Let us take care of your pricing strategy for stress-free revenue optimization.


Property Optimization & Interior Design

Whether you have a two-bedroom condo or a six-bedroom house, our team provides expert advice on design, layout, and amenities. We can help set your property apart from comparables, optimizing your listing and increasing your booking potential.


10+ Booking Platforms

We maximize your property's exposure by managing and optimizing your listing across ten major booking platforms. Additionally, our direct booking website allows us to retarget guests for repeat bookings, helping you avoid host fees from major platforms and earn a higher ROI. Trust us to get your property seen and booked!


Local Partnerships

Our property managers aren’t employees, they are partners. With a share in the business, we can ensure that your local, on the ground property manager cares as much about protecting your property and growing your revenue as you do.


Marketing & Direct Bookings

We beat the inflated host fees and one sided OTA resolution payouts by driving guests to our very own direct booking platform. This is super charged by our expert marketing team, who send highly targeted traffic through channels such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Email Marketing Campaigns. As the merchant of record, we act in the best interest of our clients and will always put your property first.

We Protect Your Property



All eligible stays are accompanied by our comprehensive vacation rental protection plan and insurance. We provide an industry leading $1million in damage protection and personal injury lawsuits, as well as $25,000 in contents and $15,000 in bed bug protection. This adds vital protection against many types of damages that are not covered by typical homeowners insurance.


Cleaning & Maintenance

The guest experience is heightened the moment they enter your property. Our professional team of cleaners and maintenance operators have a detailed 42 point checklist which includes unique requirements for your property to ensure an exceptional turnover between guests.


Guest Screening

With over 30,000 completed bookings under our belt, our experienced guest screening team is trained to filter low quality guests. We require signed lease agreements and validated government issued IDs for all eligible guest stays at your property, with no exceptions.


Guest Support

Happy guests are returning guests. Our team provides all guests with detailed documentation on your properties amenities allowing us to deliver a frictionless experience from check-in to check-out.

See Our Check-in Guide

Our 24/7 support staff is equipped with information on local events, entertainment, and local amenities to respond to any guest inquiry.


Licensing, Tax & Registration

Our internal legal compliance team diligently works with local and national law enforcement to ensure we obtain the necessary short-term rental licensing and permits for your property. As the merchant of record for multiple booking platforms, we are up to date with county and state transient occupancy taxes. We tell you exactly what you need, how to obtain, and stay within the city guidelines to ensure your property is able to host for life.

We Streamline Your Experience


PMS Enabled

We use a professional, OTA focused property management system to consolidate all of your listings, bookings, and guest communications. A single platform approach allows us to quickly optimize your listing and pricing on all major platforms. Rest assured your data is always accurate and up to date, we receive booking and guest communication information directly from each platform with our elite partner status.


Client Communication

Have unfettered access to your property manager and our support staff via a dedicated WhatsApp group. Our team monitors chats 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Our property managers are also partners, you will never have to worry about a new PM that doesn't know you and your property.


Accounting & Financials

We use the latest technology to give you 24/7 access to your properties financial information. Review all reservations details and high level revenue statistics for your property or block available dates for your own personal use. We provide comprehensive monthly statements that transparently provide your rental earnings, operational expenses, and monthly payout.