Ottawa, Gatineau, Hawkesbury, Ontario Short-Term Rental & Airbnb Property Management + Executive Rentals

Park Place Properties manages over 350 short-term and executive rentals across North America. We partner with local, Airbnb experienced Property Managers to ensure we have our pulse on what makes your home in your specific market unique, as well as allowing us to have a valued partner on the ground to help protect your biggest asset.

Our experience in managing over 50 properties in the Ottawa, Hawkesbury & Gatineau area gives us expert insight into effective pricing, property optimization, and seasonality which maximizes your Average Daily Rates and provides optimal returns.

  • Listing your property across 6+ Booking channels for maximum exposure
    • Airbnb
    • VRBO
    • Hopper
    • Marriott
  • Guest Communication
    • From guest check-in to guest check-out our team is available 24/7 to address any and all concerns
  • Revenue Management
    • Daily Price Optimizations
    • Event and Seasonal based pricing
    • Pricing Management Software
  • Maintenance & Cleaning
    • Experienced, local cleaning team
    • On the ground maintenance team
  • Property Optimization
    • Expense Assessments
    • Design Consultations
    • Layout & Staging
  • Financials
    • Detailed monthly statements including tax breakouts and expenses
    • Monthly YTD overviews for easy tax filing and reports

As an experienced property manager in Ottawa, Hawkesbury & Gatineau we are knowledgeable on the local tax laws as well as important rules, regulations, and licensing requirements which are necessary when operating a short term rental.


Ottawa Short Term Rental Rules & Regulations

The city of Ottawa Short-Term Rental By-law requires a permit if you are renting out your principle residence, or part of a residential unit for any time period less than 30 consecutive nights. Our expert team will guide you through the process of ensuring your unit or home is zoned appropriately for short-term rentals as well as applying for, and receiving licensing from the city of Ottawa. We will inform you of the required fees and payment schedules associated with maintaining your license.

As a property management company in Ottawa, we are fully licensed and registered with the city. This allows us to manage properties on your behalf, and stay in compliance with short-term rental by laws.

Unsure of whether your property is eligible for short-term rentals? Need help applying for a license? Contact our team to learn more!

Gatineau Short Term Rental Rules & Regulations

The city of Gatineau requires that you obtain a classification license in order to legally operate a short term rental. This license is governed by the Tourist Accommodation Act in Quebec and requires specific documents to ensure your property is in compliance with local zoning and regulations laws, as well as proof of ownership and liability insurance.

As in many other areas in Ontario and Quebec, Gatineau classifies a short term rental as any stay that lasts 31 days or less. Our experienced team can help you prepare the required documents needed to obtain a short-term rental license in Quebec and keep you in compliance. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Hawkesbury/East Hawkesbury Short Term Rental Rules and Regulations

As of January 1st 2023, the township of Hawkesbury does not require a license to operate a short term rental. You are however still governed by local tax laws relating to income generated by a rental property. As a property manager, we are constantly updating our team on local regulatory changes in regards to short-term rentals and licensing. If the township of Hawkesbury introduces a regulatory by-law requiring licenses for short-term rentals, our team will address this immediately.

East Hawkesbury has recently updated their Short-Term rental By-law which now makes it mandatory to obtain a license for any resident renting out their property for 30 consecutive calendar days or less. The requirements for a license are a bit different than other municipalities. Not only do you need to provide proof of residency but you also most provide proof of safe drinking water, safety escape plan, and certified letter from the Fire Chief.

If you have any questions regarding short-term rentals in the Hawkesbury area, reach out to our qualified team to learn more.