How to Make Money WIth Airbnb

Park Place Properties is excited to present an insightful podcast episode from the renowned real estate series, "Priced to Sell." In this episode, our CEO, Alec, peels back the curtain on the dynamic world of vacation rental management and reveals the strategic approaches our company employs to maximize returns for our clients.


In the world of real estate, vacation rentals have proven to be a game-changer, and no one understands this sector better than Park Place Property Management. In the latest episode of the "Priced to Sell" podcast, Alec sits down with the host to discuss the intricate mechanics of vacation rental management. From income optimization strategies to the nuances of guest communication, Alec shares the unique operational model of Park Place Properties.

Key Topics

Financial Transparency

"We pencil out the deal for you," Alec explained, outlining how the company uses a specially designed algorithm to project potential monthly income for clients. This financial transparency is a core component of the service provided, allowing owners to understand their expected returns before entrusting their property to the team.

Comprehensive Property Onboarding

"We go through everything from the dishwasher serial number to what type of nest it is or thermostat." This meticulous documentation ensures that Park Place Properties can swiftly manage any maintenance needs that arise during a rental.

Guest Satisfaction for Revenue Generation

Understanding the vital role of guest satisfaction in rental revenue, Park Place Properties prioritizes excellence in guest communication and property upkeep. Alec emphasized, "We always want that five-star review because that's what's going to really generate your income."

Dynamic Pricing Strategies

Moreover, Alec highlighted the company's dynamic pricing strategies. "We go ahead and price for seasonality, but also special events," he shared. This approach guarantees that clients capitalize on any opportunity to optimize their income.

Transparent Commission Structure

On the topic of financial matters, Alec clarified the company's pricing structure. "We don't take our commission on cleanings. We don't take commission on service fees. If it's priced at $100 a night, we take $20. You keep 80," he stated. This transparent fee structure ensures that owners reap the maximum benefits from their properties.

Third-Party Insurance Partnership

Finally, Alec introduced an exciting new feature, the partnership with Rental Guardian, a third-party insurance company. "We're able to do is charge a little bit extra on each reservation, and ensure that 100% of all your damages, no matter how bad it is, is covered," he explained, signifying the continuous efforts of Park Place Properties to provide superior service to its clients.

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